Welcome to Realm Rank. Today's drawing: $0.50 (BSV)

Every 24 hours, each player gets 40 voting credits. You can use them to vote to increase or decrease people's paymail ranks. Positive ranks are assigned to those with positive total points, and vice versa. Ranks are therefore assigned by 2 independent normal distributions.

# Rank Cost
1 King 40 pts.
2 Landlord 30 pts.
3 Crusader 20 pts.
4 Merchant 10 pts.
5 Resident N/A
6 Homeless 10 pts.
7 Imposter 20 pts.
8 Pirate 30 pts.
9 Enemy 40 pts.

The voter with the transaction id closest to the the first BSV block hash after 12AM UTC wins 95% of the advertiser income for the previous day.

You can also increase your own score by hitting the +1 button. You can do this once per hour.

Every nonzero transaction is equal to one valid entry for the drawing.

Prizes are starting small, but we expect them to increase if the game catches on.

All entries are free. Thanks for playing!